Features and Benefits

100% Natural Flavour and Colours

No synthetic flavours or ‘Nature Identical’ commonly used by other manufacturers

Gluten Free

Highly concentrated formula

Robust, true to life taste

Easy to make the switch as staff training is minimal

Visually appealing bottle and strong branding helping to promote more sales

Australian sourced ingredients

The syrups are a high strength concentrated formula meaning you need to use approximately half than the traditional toppings.

To make a standard 16oz Milkshake the 3L toppings variety requires 60ml of syrup. Ours only requires 30ml. 

Prepare Milkshakes with up to 40% less sugar! 

Strong Marketing materials provided promoting healthier offering

Our specially branded pumps are 15ml so training staff is easy as the pump action is the same as before (2 pumps for a small, 3 pumps for a large) but you use less product.

Bottle yield from 3L topping for standard shake is 50 serves

Bottle yield from REAL 1.5L syrup is 50 serves.