Baristas Raw Liquid Sugar 1.5L

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Baristas Liquid Sugar is made from 100% Australian natural Low Gi raw sugar

Scroll down and watch our video to see why everyone is using Baristas Liquid Sugar!

It’s sugar you don’t need to stir! Simply add liquid sugar using our specially designed pump before adding hot liquid such as coffee pour, hot milk or water and allow it to dissolve naturally. Whether you’re a cafe owner, home coffee enthusiast or catering manager this quality product will quickly earn its place on your shopping list.

Key Benefits for the Cafe Owner:

  • Speeds up service delivery time.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction by serving evenly sugared hot drinks consistently.
  • Reduce mess by removing open sugar bowl or sticks.
  • 250 teaspoon serves in each 1.5L bottle so great value

Ideal for home or busy canteens!

Shipping to Australia Only


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 25 cm

3 reviews for Baristas Raw Liquid Sugar 1.5L

  1. Andrea

    We have a mobile cafe and we love this product, saves so much time in really busy periods, no mess, no stirring, tastes great…..brilliant

  2. Naomi

    This is the best product ever! We are so busy in the mornings with take away coffee and this amazing product saves us so much time because you don’t have to spend precious time stirring the sugar! The customers love it to! Well done guys!

  3. Shea (verified owner)

    We’ve had a great response from customers since using The Raw Liquid Sugar. It not only has our customers happy but productivity at the coffee machine has tightened up just that little bit more with a quick pump and go. Keep up the good work team.

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