10L Baristas Liquid Sugar Bag In Box Catering Re-Fill Pack

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Back By Popular Demand!

Check out our latest addiion to Baristas Liquid Sugar family!

10L Bag in Box refill super value pack. Just like a goon bag just pull the tap nozzle through the hole and fill up your bottle!


Scroll down and watch our video to see why everyone is using Baristas Liquid Sugar!

It’s sugar you don’t need to stir! Simply add liquid sugar using our specially designed pump before adding hot liquid such as coffee pour, hot milk or water and allow it to dissolve naturally. Whether you’re a cafe owner, home coffee enthusiast or catering manager this quality product will quickly earn its place on your shopping list.

Key Benefits for the Cafe Owner:

  • Speeds up service delivery time.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction by serving evenly sugared hot drinks consistently.
  • Reduce mess by removing open sugar bowl or sticks.
  • 250 teaspoon serves per 1.5L bottle so great value

Ideal for home or busy canteens!

Shipping to Australia Only




Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm

2 reviews for 10L Baristas Liquid Sugar Bag In Box Catering Re-Fill Pack

  1. Noviyana Howard

    Good Value for money! Thanks RAW 🙂

  2. Terrace Cafe UTS (verified owner)

    We LOVE the liquid sugar syrup – saves time with no stirring need, we also LOVE the fact that it comes in a 10L box as its more cost-effective & SUSTAINABLE we only wish all of your raw coffee syrups cam on a 10L box also.

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